Leora Eisenberg

November 15, 2016

Twitter anti-Semitism, and how Princeton beat it

Miko Peled, a critic of Israeli policies, was scheduled to come to campus on September 20. He and I agree on little — we disagree on almost everything, actually — but I try to open myself to dialogue. Peled was advertised as a human rights activist, and I looked … Read More

November 9, 2016

On living life fully for the next four years

There is something we can do, but it is only within ourselves. Protesting against that which we cannot control only breeds anger; such action wastes energy, time, and effort. Trump’s election is an unwanted fact. We can do with this fact what we will — do we mope? … Read More

October 16, 2016

The right to be religious

Family gatherings suck because someone always mentions God. The food is mediocre, the family overbearing, and the relatives argumentative. There is an abundance of cheek-pinches, sloppy kisses and hugs I don’t want. I grin and bear it, though, because these people are my family, and they want the … Read More